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Camera to Farm to Forest to Water to Table

Hands-on, All Day, Yum : )

Winter Supper Series Itinerary “SLR Camera Concepts: Aperture & Shutter Demystified/Mastered”

9AM - 10AM: STUDIO - meet & greet & eat with veteran, professional technical photographer Jennifer Trice. - Relax in our modern studio environment and begin to receive a hands-on review of your camera equipment while enjoying a light breakfast from local producers of yogurts, baked goods, juice, eggs, meats, coffee - Some of our breakfast items are available in town at our favorite family owned market (since 1937).

10AM - 11AM: FARMER in STUDIO - unique mushrooms, visually stunning and with growing mediums that may shock & surprise - a fabulous visual feast for your first Aperture and Shutter Exercises/Assignment.

11AM - 12NOON: PRODUCER TOUR - beer. local. craft. cool. awesome second Aperture and Shutter Exercises/Assignment at our most exciting downtown brewery.

12PM - 1:30PM: LOCAL LUNCH KIT DELIVERY/EXPLORE - we drop your freshly made local lunch kit into your hungry hands. Now is your time to relax, review, eat and explore historic downtown Cambridge.

1:30PM - 2:30PM: DRIVING THROUGH PARADISE - follow us out through the land that time forgot - breath-taking, hauntingly beautiful, and towards the bridge to nowhere… make sure that gas tank is full!

2:30 - 3:30PM: PRODUCER TOUR - unique oyster farm tour at a time when no one else is crazy enough to visit. learn everything oyster. now is your chance to confidently practice an epic landscape Exercises/Assignment. extra drinks & snacks may be needed from sheer visual overload!

3:30 - 5PM: RETURNING THROUGH PARADISE - follow us back through the land that time forgot - or - on your own - stopping off at a few key spots you choose - Maps will be provided - note only Verizon phone service available

5PM - 6PM-ish: MEET AT TOWN WATERS EDGE - here’s your chance to experience “magic time” catching the sun before, during and after it sets at 5:45pm - you’ll finally understand how cool and useful a tripod can be!

6:30PM-ish - 9PM: SUNDAY SUPPER - Relax, eat, share with chef, producers and instructor - Amazing local dinner prepared by the local and renowned Chef Jordan Lloyd inside a historical home with local producers who will be sharing the table - Special guests!!! Exciting Tastes!!! & an incredible meal provided by the new friends you visited with today.

9PM-ish - Group Celebratory Image - Painting with Light!

Rain or Shine this is an Exciting Adventure few outsiders Experience and Taste!

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“We are what we repeatedly do…” - Aristotle

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Jennifer Trice

Your Guide: Photographic professional thirty years.

To begin our Sunday Supper Series I wanted to introduce the foundations of photography with our local food-ways experience. I feel it’s important for a good photographer to begin with understanding the fundamentals of light, aperture and shutter. Becoming a better photographer eventually includes a part of the journey where you let go of all the rules you’ve learned. With practice, one begins to zero in on their own voice and style; with more practice one just follows their intuition in the field and this is when the magic begins…

Eye Candy Master for your day’s adventure

 Jennifer is passionate about the photographic process. An early visionary with digital imaging technology she joined the founding members of FOCUS on-line as a photographer and graphic designer to create Germany’s first internet magazine. She continued her early photographic and design career transitioning traditional analog/chemical photographic facilities within the United States for a multitude of medical, educational and quasi-governmental agencies such as the American Red Cross Biomedical Division and Baylor College of Medicine; and was appointed photographer under the Bush presidential administration for the Department of Energy & National Nuclear Security Administration. She was also a long time, and award winning, USDA Graduate School faculty member, creating their first digital inclusive curriculum at a time when most universities were solely analog and chemical based. In her spare time she freelanced for early digital music adopters, artists and multiple music labels including Giant Step, ESL, Melankolic, Verve, Om, !K7 and Sony. She currently freelances in Southeast Asia for food and farming entrepreneurs.


Jordan Lloyd

Your Chef: Culinary professional twenty years.

For Matchcoat Sojourner’s Sunday Supper Series: I would never allow quality to suffer in trade of being local. I want the best. It happens to be that the Eastern Shore of Maryland is absolutely outstanding at producing the most majestic pure products in so many different varieties. That's what makes the Eastern Shore such a special place to cook. You can support local, buy local and be blown away by the quality every single day.

Taste Master for your day’s adventure

Jordan honed his skills in the kitchens of some of America's greatest chefs, like Thomas Keller at Per Se in New York and Michael Richard at Citronelle in Washington, D.C. He returned to his hometown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to create the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, a restaurant that became one of the Mid-Atlantic's culinary stars, earning a rating of 28/30 by Zagat. He has made multiple appearances at the James Beard House in New York, garnered 4 stars from Baltimore Sun and was awarded the Chesapeake Champion Award from the University of Maryland for his work and support of local farms. Jordan has new enterprises on the horizon, Chesapeake Harvest, an on-line farmers market for the region and a 150 Seafood Restaurant called Nauti’s slated to open this year. He now joins Matchcoat Sojourner in Dorchester County to highlight its rich, and sometimes unusual, history with food and farming on land and sea.

Our Winter Supper Series Highlights: Local Hunters, Farmers &Waterman

Helping our local producers get Fresh, Local Products into the hands & mouths of local customers

Helping our local producers get Fresh, Local Products into the hands & mouths of local customers

Thurmont Jenkins - Our Local Sika Deer Expert & Master game Hunter

Thurmont Jenkins - Our Local Sika Deer Expert & Master game Hunter

Dorchester COunty - Hard-working, God-fearing, cage-lugging, early-rising, fun-loving, big-dreaming, family-honoring men who would give you the shirts off Their backs.

Dorchester COunty - Hard-working, God-fearing, cage-lugging, early-rising, fun-loving, big-dreaming, family-honoring men who would give you the shirts off Their backs.

What happens when two Amazingly talented Agriculture Professionals meet & Marry? Delicious, Unique Mushrooms, Of COurse!

What happens when two Amazingly talented Agriculture Professionals meet & Marry? Delicious, Unique Mushrooms, Of COurse!

Winter Supper Series begins with “ SLR Camera Concepts: Aperture & Shutter Demystified/Mastered”

Demystifying SLR Camera Concepts: Aperture & Shutter - Winter Supper Series - All day, hands-on, amazing locations, local professionals, all locally sourced meals.

Just a few times a year, during the dormant, cold winter we open our doors of Matchcoat Sojourner to guests from around the world who are interested in learning more about the local food ways of Dorchester County as well as learning unique, specialized professional skills from our behind-the-scenes collaborators.

This year our Winter Supper Series with Unique Local Professionals opens mid-February with “Demystifying SLR Camera Concepts: Aperture & Shutter” 9am - 8pm, hands on, personalized instruction and assignments in both modern and rustic environments and landscapes that few “visitors” photograph, eat in, talk about, relax around and create within.

Light is what creates the photographic image - and understanding aperture size & shutter speed - the gatekeeper of light within your camera - is where the magic begins. We’ll review and complete hands on exercises with the light meter inside your SLR camera; & explore how it functions with the aperture and shutter. Then you’ll begin location assignments after thorough practice with chosen aperture/shutter settings based on how you want your images to appear (not on what is automatically chosen for you).

The locations & people you’ll meet along your photographic learning journey are all related to the foods you’ll be enjoying throughout the day; so you’ll have ample opportunity to practice your new imaging skills in meaningful environments. And, when the evening darkness falls a group night photographic assignment will prove how awesome you’ve become with your newly honed skills!

The reward for all your hard work is an evening of candle light & conversation with a shared meal together (extremely unique seasonal heritage foods) where we share stories of the day & listen to our chef talk about the local foods you’re eating, his preparations and the producers - many of whom you will have met throughout your photographic adventure.

Both of your hosts grew up here - on opposite sides of the Choptank River & have a lifetime of career knowledge behind the camera & around the kitchen working all over the world with a dizzying array of amazing people, organizations and projects; giving any photo beginner, or non-foodie, a comfortable, yet exciting experience where all questions are good questions, where forgetting answers and repeating concepts are a joy (especially the eating & smiling ones) .

Freshly handmade lunches with local breads, produce, meats, cheeses are also prepared for you so you can accomplish your photographic location concepts and goals.

*Geared towards beginners with SLR cameras who are tired of using automatic settings as the default and want to understand the function of the lens aperture and the camera body shutter. Demystify numbers, terms and lingo like f22 &1/125th of a second.

These winter day trips are special opportunities here as it gives you a chance to spend one-on-one time with us off-season where we'll share insights from our professions and on being local in this unique environment.

We at Matchcoat Sojourner look forward to welcoming you to Dorchester County Maryland!

All instruction is in English; and we are equally as happy to bring in interpreters at cost for you with at least a weeks’ notice. 

*Full tank of gas, *comfortable closed toe shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, *layered clothing (for inside & outside locations), *warm gloves, *warm hat to cover ears, and *winter coat.

The wind off of the water, and various flat locations, can be friendly & then brutal - Our weather can change quickly - & within 5 miles weather can be vastly different

Rain or Shine this is an Exciting Adventure few outsiders Experience and Taste!